Adult Face Mask - Dark Pink Native

Adult Face Mask - Dark Pink Native

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ArchieBee face masks have been designed and perfected to fit on a wide range of faces. They are not made from a commercial pattern, rather have been developed and meticulously tested for the best possible fit and comfort levels.

Each mask is professionally sewn with a cotton outer layer, polyester non-woven inbuilt filter layers and pure cotton voile inner lining to be gentle on faces.
Our high quality, washable face masks also have a nose wire and adjustable elastic loops.

The colour of the elastic loops will match the colour of the inside cotton lining.

Standard adult face masks are designed to fit age 12+.

They are approximately 25cm wide (excluding elastic), with a nose to chin depth of 13cm.

Extra large masks are designed for those that need a bit of extra room, and are approximately 27cm wide (excluding elastic) and have a nose to chin depth of 17cm (great for beards).

Children's mask are also available and are made to order. These measure approximately 23cm wide (excluding elastic) and have a chin depth of 10.5cm. Please get in touch if you would like to order.
Face masks are not recommended for children under 3 years of age.



Washing Directions:
We suggest treating your face mask like you would treat a bra. ;)
Hand wash with hot, soapy water and dry in the sun, or in a garment bag on a gentle cycle in the washing machine, to prevent damaging the nose wire.
Tumble drying is not recommended.
Masks should be washed every day.

Fit Directions:
Your face mask should fit snugly against your face and finish under your chin. When you put on your mask, gently bend the nose wire so it sits comfortably against the the bridge of your nose.
Elastic loops are made extra long, so you will need to shorten them accordingly for a good fit, by simply tying a knot, snipping off the ends and spinning the knot into the elastic channel.
Our masks have been specifically designed in this way, so you are able to feed your own elastic through the side channels if you would prefer the elastic at the back of your head, rather than behind the ears.

Please measure your face before purchasing, as due to the nature of these products we are unable to accept refunds.

These masks are not medical grade and will not prevent you from contracting COVID or any other air-born disease.